About ChickenPickin Amplification

We have been building tube amplifiers for over 25 years and strive to
deliver a top notch product at an affordable price. We take our time with
each and every tube amp we create. You will not be disappointed with
the quality and workmanship that goes into our amps. It will be
guaranteed for 30 days past the purchase date and you may return it
for a full refund (minus shipping both ways) no questions asked.
Hear what some of our satisfied customers have to say:

The amps completely rocks.  I had no problems at all at the show on the
big stage.  Kept up with the Marshall 4x12 cabinet right next to me!

Thanks again for making quality gear!!!  I will recommend you to all my
friends here!


Hi Mike,

I forgot to write you, that everything is OK and both amps sound  
excellent !!
I am very very satisfied and use only the Vibrolux now..
Thanks again for everything, maybe after some time I could think about
some smaller tweed amp too ;-)


Wow Mike very interesting. Well you've made an extremely high quality
product. Do you A/B them with originals? I am honestly amazed at some
of the tones coming out of this thing, it is vitually indistinguishable from a
66 blackface I compared it to, and in fact seems to be slightly more robust
(it's hard to tell when matching settings because the knobs can be such a
crapshoot.) We've all been playing around with it like "Hey...this thing
seriously sounds kind of amazing doesn't it?" We keep waiting for the
other shoe to drop, but it just sounds great.

The Deluxe w/th reverb box are awsome...best tone I ever had....with any
guitar, thanks again!

Now I'm really jealous of your tech talents.  I've been playing seriously for
27 years, and thought I heard it all.  If I could build these, I'd quit my job
and just keep pumping out as many of these as I could before the world
ends. Unbelievable!  I'm at a loss for words for once.  Let me just sum it
up with, I'm going to request to have this laid across my chest, with my
arms around her, when I'm buried.  If ever you need a reference of any
sort( I don't think you'll need one), I'll always be glad to oblige.  I might just
quit my job and Play this thing nonstop till they take me away!
AHHHHHHHAAAHHAHAHAAAAAA..................PS Thanks Mike.

Hi Mike

The amp was delivered safe and sound today at 10AM.

It was used at our rehearsal tonight. I got there early to have an hour on
my own. I think I may have gone slightly deaf....... my blase bandmates
actually noticed the tonal difference and that takes a lot...

I do not wish to gush but the word "astonishing" springs to mind.

Just thought I should drop you a line and tell you again how much I am
enjoying the Tweed Deluxe I got from you. The only thing I've done to it is
install all 50's JAN NOS tubes. My chicken pickin' friend Johnny came
over and played his recently acquired '53 Telecaster through it the other
night. He played some slow stuff first while listening to it carefully. Then
he cranked it up and really cut loose and it sounded unbelievable! He
was very impressed. My modded Blues Jr. with NOS tubes sounds like a
cheap toy in comparison. Another friend of mine wanted to borrow the
Tweed for some studio work after playing through it and I said no. I told
him where he can get one though.
Cheers, Tom in Birmingham

I can't see EVER using any of my other amps again....I haven't played,
really played, an amplifier
like this in my life!, I have checked out some old tweeds that I remember
being nice, but I really didn't get down hard with them as they weren't
mine, but that amp is without a doubt or reservation the sweetest, most
responsive, well suited to my playing style amplifier I have ever had the
pleasure of playing through much less owning in my LIFE and I have
been playing guitar for 35 years now and have played or owned quite a
few makes and models, right now I have 6 different fenders and
Marshall's,and an old Hiwatt head that cannot even compare, an amp is
an amp?..no,no,no,no....my
friend you have put together a magical blend of MOJO into that tweed that
I can't quantify, I can not thank you enough or give your work enough  
praise, you are the MAN...