'59  5E3  Tweed Deluxe 1 x 12" Combo
One of the greatest amplifier designs of all
time!! The Tweed Deluxe is a legend!!
Comes standard with Mojo aged and
lacquered pine cabinet, Jensen P12Q,
EH6V6's, NOS 5Y3, 12AY7EH, 12AX7JJ
Note the meticulous attention to detail on
the wiring and component placement.
Mercury Magnetics transformers are
standard on all 5E3 builds.
All components used in our tweed builds
are all the best available :

- Mercury Magnetics Output Transformer
- Sprague Atom and Orange Drop Caps
- Carbon Composition Resistors
- Carling Switches
- Switchcraft Jacks
- CTS or CGE Pots
- Mojo Aged and Lacquered Cabinet
- Jensen P12Q or Weber 12A125 Speaker
'55  5E5-A  Tweed Pro 1 x 15" Combo
(Note: This is also the 5F4 Tweed Super and 5E7 Bandmaster Chassis)
Like the sound of a Tweed Deluxe but
need more power to gig with? The Tweed
Pro is a great addition to your amp arsenal.
At 28W output, it will cut nicely above your
drummer. Mercury Magnetics transformers
are now standard.
Choose a Weber or re-issue Jensen
speaker. Mojo tweed cabinets aged to a
perfect golden amber along with re-issue
Tung Sol 5881's are standard on
completed builds.
'57 5E8-A  Tweed Twin 2 x 12" Combo
The Tweed Twin is the amp that helps get
guys like Clapton and Richards their tone!
Its large transformer set and heavy duty
speakers make this amp speak with
'59 5F6-A  Tweed Bassman 4 x 10" Combo
Another legend, the Tweed Bassman
makes about 48 powerful watts dripping
with tone! Standard items are aged
cabinet, Jensen P10Q speakers, Tung Sol
5881's and GZ34 rectifier tube.
Options include Mercury Magnetics Power
Transformer and Weber 10A125 speakers.
Specify RCA or 1/4" output jacks when
ordering the chassis only.
'56  5F4  Tweed Super  2 x 10" Combo
The Tweed Super sports a pair of alnico
magnet 10" speakers. Great for a
humbucker equipped Les Paul or Strat!
3 Knob Tube Reverb Add-On: Optional on
the Pro and Super for $299. Uses a 12AT7
driver and has Dwell, Tone and Mix